"It always seems impossible, until it's done."- Nelson Mandela

Baby Jim


     I am running for the District 4 seat on the Corpus Christi City Council and intend to draw on my life experiences to represent you on the Council. I grew up on a farm, where long days of hard work with livestock and in the fields taught me the value of labor at an early age. My parents emphasized the importance of education to my brothers and me. However, their educational opportunities were limited, and so, after twelve years of parochial school, I became the first person in our family to go to college. Trying to find my way, I drove and worked on transit buses, drove delivery trucks and school buses, laid asphalt with a road crew, worked in a salvage yard, and held other odd jobs to make a living. Ultimately I earned a Ph.D. in United States History and accepted a faculty position at a college here in Corpus Christi. My training as a historian has taught me a determination to follow-up on long-term projects, examine an issue from various angles, and always ask questions. Throughout my studies, I have maintained a deep appreciation for working people.


     Our actions define us as individuals and collectively, and so I have involved myself in various community service projects that I believe make Corpus Christi a better place to live. These include leadership positions in environmental groups, faculty advocacy groups, a student mentoring project, and public commissions such as the Corpus Christi Landmark Commission and the Nueces County Historical Commission.


     I will bring this perspective of hard work, intellectual curiosity, and community activism to the Corpus Christi City Council to best represent the interests of the people of District 4. I am asking for your vote to do so.

Turkey leg anyone?
Pink Panther would like you to vote this election cycle.
Beach Cleanups
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Hard work and Sweat
I am passionate about the environment
honored to have been asked to help commemorate the 1966 March through this marker
You can say I grew up with traditional values.
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